Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Who Makes the Best Vault Door?

Meet the Finest Made Vault Doors

Vault Doors for Walk In Safe Room Shelters
Vault Doors come in many sizes and configurations. They are ideal for Walk-In Safe Rooms

When you are looking for a vault room door for your home or business, there are a few companies to choose from. However, there is one that stands out and rises above the rest. Vault Pro offers more choices, styles and price points than any other, without ever compromising on quality and client service. Here’s what I mean.

Choices & styles

2nd Amendment Door with
Custom Art and pinstriping.
Vault Pro, Inc. not only offers the best variety of doors to fit every type of wall construction…it allows for complete customization without compromising quality at a price that makes sense. With six different levels of vault doors and eight different standard size doors at each level including in-swing and out-swing hinged vault doors as well as custom options, Vault Pro has the right door to match your security needs and will go the extra mile to make sure we exceed your expectations. Need even more security than our standard offerings, how about adding AR-500 plate to provide over the top friction and ballistic resistance…how about adding Stainless Steel for exceptional torch proofing or, what about adding custom pinstripes and hand painted art for a one of a kind and original vault door that no one else will ever have. When you compare the narrow spectrum of our competitor’s doors to Vault Pro, there really is no comparison.

Price Points

Vault Doors are available in
In or Out Swing Models
When trying to achieve security, a cheaply made door is never an option. However, whether you are securing a wood constructed closet or building an impenetrable rebar reinforced concrete bunker, Vault Pro builds the right door at the right price.  Starting with our Professional Series Vault Door which includes a ¼” plate steel door & ¼” steel frame for economic minded security, to our multi-level Step System doors with up to 2” Solid Steel door fronts and 1” solid steel frames and everything in between, Vault Pro is sure to have the door that fits your security needs as well as your budget.


Without a doubt, quality is where Vault Pro rises above the rest without equivocation. Only Vault Pro offers its proprietary 2” Step Door that seals on all four sides of the door against Dual Fire Sealing Palusol® Gaskets combined with 2300° Ceramic Fireproofing, a dual cam bolt locking system with 360 degree rotating 1-1/2” x 4” Locking bolts. While other companies are happy with the ¼” to 3/8” gap between their production style doors & thin frames, Vault Pro hand fits every door to mate to the frame with less than 1/16” gap between the two. 

The Company

Vault Pro is an All American Manufacturer. All Products Proudly Made in USA.
Vault Pro is an all American manufacturer and is proud to be Veteran Owned. With a staunch American only approach, Vault Pro takes building your vault door to another level. We understand that there are other vault doors to choose from and that choice, price and quality as well as client service is paramount. Our commitment to world class client service has earned us the Better Business Bureaus coveted A+ rating and if there were a higher level, we would already have it. Give us a call and find out for yourself why Vault Pro is your best choice and builds the best vault door - 800-299-6929.

Thanks for spending some time with us. We'd love to hear from you.

Stay safe,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hunting & Holiday Season Gun Safety

Hunting & Holiday Season Gun Safety

The Fall and Winter hunting and holiday seasons are a great time of the year for getting family together to enjoy the tradition of shooting sports. For the most part, children are home from school, and there are more hunting trips planned during the holidays than any other time of the year. Firearms also make great gifts. For these same reasons and many more, statistics show a spike in accidental shootings during this time of the year. Fortunately, these accidents are preventable and simple firearm safety is the answer.

Remember, along with your Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms comes a great responsibility to protect yourself, your family and everyone else from accidents, which may be caused by your firearms. For most gun owners, there is an instinct and top of mind safety awareness that is exercised every time a firearm is handled.

Here in California, a safe handling demonstration is performed in front of a representative of a licensed FFL dealer before he/she can complete the sale. A certified instructor will show the consumer how to perform a chamber check to see if the firearm is loaded, then safely load and unload the weapon. They will usually take their time and help if the need arises. If the purchaser cannot demonstrate safe handling of the firearm after several attempts, they receive a fail and will not be able to take possession of the firearm thereby stopping the sale. Not all states have similar laws ensuring the safe handling of a firearm.

It’s not enough to just own a firearm or have one in your home for protection. Training is a must and safety needs to be exercised every time a firearm is handled. For any new gun owner, I highly recommend a firearm safety course at the very least and always remember the Safety Rules of Firearms:

  1. Treat your firearm as if it is always loaded!!!
  2. Keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Know what you're shooting at, what’s around it, and what's beyond it.

It is wise to lock your firearms in a safe to keep them out of reach of children, teens or inexperienced shooters in your home. A proper safe can also protect your firearms from theft or fire. If you are planning to give a firearm as a gift, or if you are purchasing your first firearm, consider getting a safe to accompany it. If you need assistance in choosing the right safe for your particular situation, give Vault Pro a call and one of our pro’s will be more than happy to help.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe holiday season,

Tony Darling

Owner/Vault Pro

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hurricane Harvey and Texas

Hurricane Harvey and Texas

In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and the devastating floods that followed, we at Vault Pro want to send out our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those affected by this terrible natural disaster. We also want to assist those affected in a more tangible way. After a week of watching the complete devastation of Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur and the surrounding areas…we at Vault Pro have grappled with how to best help those in need.

Vault Pro is making donations to both the Red Cross and the JJ Watt Foundation for Harvey Relief Fund, and encourage all our family and friends to do likewise. We will also make additional donations for every safe, vault door and safe room shelter sold during the month of September.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the historic flooding in South East Texas and Louisiana caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Tony and the Vault Pro Family

Monday, August 7, 2017

Los Angeles Dodgers Welcome Vault Pro USA and their families for their annual Picnic!

Vault Pro USA Dodger Night and Fireworks

On Friday July 28th, the crew of Vault Pro and their families went to Chavez Ravine to see the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants…and they did just that.

Full house at Dodger Stadium

Vault Pro’s Annual Picnic is simply my way of showing my appreciation to my crew. I have the greatest respect and appreciation for the people who work
with me at Vault Pro. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how fantastic my crew really is. From the front office and the world class client experience they provide to the Finish Quality Assurance and Shipping Department for all of their attention to every little detail on our finished products and everyone in between. I know the value of every one of my crew…together they are a great team.

With over 75 in attendance from Vault Pro, we arrived at Dodger stadium in time to see Corey Seager hit the very first pitch of the game to the Dodgers deep into the left-centerfield bleachers, giving the Dodgers a 1-0 lead in the first.

We were seated in the Budweiser Pavilion where the food and drink are included so everyone had plenty to eat and drink. Dodger Dogs and peanuts anyone???

Los Angeles had taken a 2-1 lead in the fifth by converting two walks, a wild pitch, an error and a ground ball into an unearned run.

The Giants starter, Moore held the Dodgers to two hits through his first six innings, only to surrender two runs in the seventh thanks to a walk and a double. The Giants took a 4-2 lead with three runs in the top of the seventh as Nick Hundley and Gorkys Hernandez stroked back-to-back, run-scoring doubles. Jae-Gyun Hwang had tied the game 2-2 with an RBI single.

The Giants’ bullpen was unable to hold a 4-2 lead as George Kontos gave up Yasiel Puig’s RBI ground out and Chris Taylor’s run-scoring single. The score was tied 4-4, setting the stage for Seager.

Seager hit his second home run of the evening, a towering drive over the right field wall on an 0-1 pitch for a go-ahead, two-run shot in the seventh inning, that was followed by another celebration as the Los Angeles Dodgers rallied to beat the San Francisco Giants 6-4. In the ninth star relief pitcher Kenley
Jansen struck out the side on 13 pitches for his 26th save in 27 opportunities.

After the game we all gathered on and around the field for the Dodgers big Friday night fireworks show.

At the end of the night the Dodgers were well in first place in the NL West, having won 37 of their last 43 games. A streak that culminated with them winning 43 out 50 games. A feat that hadn’t been done since the 1912 Giants. The Dodgers are only getting better as the boys of summer season shortens toward the playoffs and the World Series.

Thank you to everyone at Vault Pro. I hope you all had as good of a time as I did.


More game and fireworks pics below. Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Shot Show 2017 Wrap Up

Shot Show 2017

Nearly 65,000 attendees at this year's Shot Show. One of the biggest ever.

Tony, Dick and Stu having some good times with fellow attendees.
Vault Pro Booth at Shot Show 2017

Once again Vault Pro USA was honored to be a participant at Shot Show. Words don’t adequately describe our experience at this year’s amazing four-day event. Attended by nearly 65,000 people, Shot Show 2017 was one of the biggest events ever in the shooting industry. Every conceivable product or device related to shooting and the shooting sports industry was on display. And of course, there were the safes and vault doors. Every player worthy of being in the industry was there, and Vault Pro was front and center with a booth 50% larger than last year’s in order to accommodate all our new 2017 model safes and vault doors.
Latest Display Safe featuring Level 1 ballistic resistant and U.L. rated 1 hour fire protection.

One of the standouts of Shot Show was our 2017 display safe, built for Heath Moore Security of
Tony demonstrates features of the new Display Safe.
Houston, Texas. This safe is custom built from one of our Eagle Series safes, and features two large Level I ballistic resistant and 1 hour U.L. certified fire protection glass panes, providing safe, secure viewing of your firearms and other collectibles. It’s the ultimate show stopper.

We also featured our popular line of Eagle Series
Our 2017 American Eagle Series feature our unique bolt detent system.
safes. New for 2017 is our proprietary bolt detent system, which prevents the locking bolts from extending when the door is open, which
could cause accidental damage to the paint and locking mechanism. This is a standard feature on our Golden Eagle and American Eagle series safes.

Vault Pro booth featuring our 2017 models.
In addition, the 2017 model 760 series are approximately 20% larger due to increased overall depth. This new feature comes at no additional cost. Our 750 series safes are approximately 11% larger, also at no additional cost.

It was a fast and furious four days. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with thousands of wonderful folk

To say we were busy was an understatement.
who were attending the show. It was also a great opportunity to meet up with the many friends and business connections we’ve made at the Show over the years. 2016 was a record setting year for Vault Pro and 2017 looks to eclipse that mark. Thanks again to all the attendees who came by to visit. Looking forward to a bright and prosperous 2017.

Stay safe,