Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Shot Show 2017 Wrap Up

Shot Show 2017

Nearly 65,000 attendees at this year's Shot Show. One of the biggest ever.

Tony, Dick and Stu having some good times with fellow attendees.
Vault Pro Booth at Shot Show 2017

Once again Vault Pro USA was honored to be a participant at Shot Show. Words don’t adequately describe our experience at this year’s amazing four-day event. Attended by nearly 65,000 people, Shot Show 2017 was one of the biggest events ever in the shooting industry. Every conceivable product or device related to shooting and the shooting sports industry was on display. And of course, there were the safes and vault doors. Every player worthy of being in the industry was there, and Vault Pro was front and center with a booth 50% larger than last year’s in order to accommodate all our new 2017 model safes and vault doors.
Latest Display Safe featuring Level 1 ballistic resistant and U.L. rated 1 hour fire protection.

One of the standouts of Shot Show was our 2017 display safe, built for Heath Moore Security of
Tony demonstrates features of the new Display Safe.
Houston, Texas. This safe is custom built from one of our Eagle Series safes, and features two large Level I ballistic resistant and 1 hour U.L. certified fire protection glass panes, providing safe, secure viewing of your firearms and other collectibles. It’s the ultimate show stopper.

We also featured our popular line of Eagle Series
Our 2017 American Eagle Series feature our unique bolt detent system.
safes. New for 2017 is our proprietary bolt detent system, which prevents the locking bolts from extending when the door is open, which
could cause accidental damage to the paint and locking mechanism. This is a standard feature on our Golden Eagle and American Eagle series safes.

Vault Pro booth featuring our 2017 models.
In addition, the 2017 model 760 series are approximately 20% larger due to increased overall depth. This new feature comes at no additional cost. Our 750 series safes are approximately 11% larger, also at no additional cost.

It was a fast and furious four days. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with thousands of wonderful folk

To say we were busy was an understatement.
who were attending the show. It was also a great opportunity to meet up with the many friends and business connections we’ve made at the Show over the years. 2016 was a record setting year for Vault Pro and 2017 looks to eclipse that mark. Thanks again to all the attendees who came by to visit. Looking forward to a bright and prosperous 2017.

Stay safe,


Friday, December 23, 2016

That Was the Year That Was

It’s the years end once again. Holidays are here & the beginning of a New Year right behind that. Where did the year go? What just happened?

I’ll tell you where it went…I’ll tell you what happened…Vault Pro Kicked Ass!!!...That’s what happened.

Vault Pro built 35% more vault doors, 32% more safes and a staggering 50% more modular shelters than during the previous year. Check out the pics of some of the more unusual custom security products we proudly build right here in the USA…Santa Fe

Springs, California to be exact.

Custom Double Door Display Safe
Check out this one of a kind Double Door Display Safe that debuted at the 2016 SHOT Show. It is the brain child of Heath Moore at Moore Security in Houston. We have a twist on this to reveal for the Dallas Safari Club show in January 2017 as well as at the 2017 Shot…stay tuned for details.
Enough about last year…let’s get on with the New Year 2017.

Custom Triple Door Safe and Art

For Vault Pro’s 2017 line up of Safes, Vault Pro has developed a new Auto Detent System to save and protect the premium finishes on all 4-way locking bolt systems. This also protects the locking system itself from damage when the door is closed and the locking bolts are extended.

Vault Pro has increased the depth on all our 50” and 60” wide safes without increasing the cost. There will be a 20% increase in size of 760 safes (body to go from 25” depth to 31”). This will allow for at least a dozen more long guns to be safe kept.

There will be an 11% size increase in 750 safes (body to go from 25” depth to 28”) Depth including handle to be 31”. This will allow for at least another 8 long guns to be safe kept.

Both the 50” and 60” wide safes are larger and will allow for a greater capacity and Vault Pro didn’t increase the cost by even a penny.

Large locking boltsVault Pro will be producing our Step System Vault Doors with bigger, thicker and stronger 1-1/2” x 4” 360 degree Rotating Locking Bolts. That is twice the steel of 1” bolts and twice the security for the same price.

Vault Pro now offers ADA Accessible Vault Doors. Our new 45” standard size doors can all be built to ADA (American’s with Disability Act) standards. These accessible vault doors meet minimum thru clearance of at least 36”, and thresholds meet ADA standards. Handles and all hardware also meet ADA standards and can be customized for specific client requirements. 

Vault Pro will also offer the option of a heat
activated re-locking system that will more than double lock the locking system and the bolt carriage if someone tries to torch cut or even grind cut the locking mechanism from our safes and vault doors.

That’s a quick roundup of some of the new security products we will be offering this coming year. Stay tuned for even more.

Here is to all of Vault Pro’s fantastic clients…you have allowed us at Vault Pro to provide the most innovative, highest quality, custom and all American made security products available. Merry Christmas and I hope the New Year will be peaceful and prosperous for all of you.

Be Safe!!!


Monday, September 26, 2016

Vault Pro & Tactical Advantage

Tactical Advantage, Overland Park Kansas

Tactical Advantage gun vault ready for shipping.
Vault Pro often gets orders for vault doors, safes and even walk in vaults that need to be delivered or installed under deadlines. As usual, and under strict deadline, this particular walk in vault was scheduled to be on location in Overland
Tactical Advantage Storefront
Park Kansas by Thursday September 22nd for the grand opening of Tactical Advantage on Tuesday September 28th. We had experienced a couple of issues with the interior and while putting the interior in the vault we put a big scratch on the door on the very day the vault was supposed to be on a truck in order to meet our deadline.

When we spoke to Craig, the owner of Tactical Advantage, he couldn’t put guns on location at the store without secure storage and…as you can imagine he was not a happy camper. I wasn’t very happy either. I am a stickler for deadlines and will do just about anything to keep Vault Pro’s promises…so; I did what had to be done. 

Gun vault installation at Tactical Advantage
Vault Pro corrected the issues with the gun racks and interior, repainted the door on over time over the weekend, put the entire Modular Walk-In Vault and Vault Door on a trailer behind my truck and on Monday the 19th, drove from our location in Santa Fe Springs California nonstop to Tactical Advantage in Overland Park Kansas. 28 hours and several cups of coffee later, we arrived in beautiful Overland Park.  We did manage to sleep for four hours before meeting Craig and Tom
Gun vault was in and ready to go in short order.
(Craig’s contractor) at Tactical Advantage. Steve and I along with Craig and Tom managed to assemble the Vault in just a couple of hours (making Craig a very happy man) before heading back home to southern California.

Beautiful and inviting interior of Tactical Advantage
Tactical Advantage is set up to be a full service gun store complete with Custom & Precision Rifles, Pistols, Gunsmith, Training and Pro Shop that includes concealed carry solutions and women’s accessories. Not only is Tactical Advantage well equipped to serve the needs of
Tactical Advantage full service gun owner solutions.
seasoned veteran shooters, it is a very clean and professional environment for first time shooters as well. If you are in and around Overland Park, I highly

recommend stopping in at Tactical Advantage to check it out. You can also check out their website by going to www.tagunsandgear.com.

Have questions about tactical shelters, vault rooms or security shelters? Give me a call. We have solutions for homeowners, businesses and governmental installations. And advice is always free.

Thanks for dropping by,



Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vault Pro Day at Knott’s Berry Farm 2016

Knott's Berry Farm entrance
Knott's Berry Farm. America's 1st Theme Park.
This year’s staff appreciation day event was bigger and better than ever. It is so inspiring to see how all our hard work and dedication has taken off in so many wonderful ways. This year we were honored to host well in excess of one hundred staff members, their families and some of our prized vendors to our annual gathering. This years event was held on August 18, and again Knott’s Berry Farm provided the perfect setting for this family oriented day of fun.

Vault Pro's friendly and loyal staff are here to serve you.
Knott’s Berry Farm is a California tradition. It predates by decades, Disneyland, which is only minutes away. And Knott's provided the family friendly environment we were all seeking. With plenty of rides and attractions to satisfy everyone.

After a fun day in the sun we all gathered for an amazing buffet dinner at Spurs Chop House, which is located inside the park. Our group was so large this year it took the entire venue to host and feed our
Grand Buffet Dinner featuring Mrs. Knott's Famous Chicken
group. Family and friends feasted on Mrs. Knott's Famous Fried Chicken, Grilled All Beef Hot Dogs with Chuck Wagon Chili and Cheese, Charbroiled Cheeseburgers, Fresh Caesar Salad, Mrs. Knott's Macaroni & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes & Country Gravy, Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad, Sweet Kernel Corn, Fresh Home Baked Dinner Rolls, House Made Chocolate Chip Cookies, Boysenberry Pie, Apple Pie, Unlimited Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks & more. Whooee! And believe it or not after all those great eats everyone piled out and back on more rides till the park closed.

For those of you who may or may not know about Knott’s, it is a very traditional Western American theme park. To commemorate our special day, our last event was a photo shoot with staff and family dressed in western garb. It was a most appropriate scene for our ALL AMERICAN company.

Thanks again to our staff, their families and our special friends who have helped us succeed beyond our wildest expectations. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.


Vault Pro staff, family and friends gather for a group shot.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Safe

Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Safe.
Vault Pro & Moore Security introduced a new Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Safe at this year’s SHOT Show. Unlike anything on the market today, the display safe features complete contents display looking thru U.L. Certified Level I Ballistic Resistant and 1 Hour Fire Resistant Glass, Dual side mounted Triple-Step-System Doors with 4-way Active Locking Bolts, S&G Digital Locks, Solid Brass 5-Prong Handles, Dual Steel Composite Body with Max-Fire 2300° Ceramic Fireproofing, Heavy Duty Concealed Drawers & Pull Out Display, Remote Controlled L.E.D. Lighting System, Custom Champagne Finish fading to Root Beer Brown & hand pinstriped for the ultimate custom look.

Vault Pro’s Display Safe can be Level II Ballistic Resistant and 2 Hour Fireproof as well as completely customized and configured to accommodate just about anything display worthy that requires protection against theft, fire and natural disasters. For more information call Vault Pro at 800-299-6929 or visit website at www.vaultprousa.com.

U.L. Certified Level I Ballistic Resistant and 1 Hour Fire Resistant Glass
Vault Pro Display Safe can be configured to accommodate nearly any display worthy item.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Custom Safes, Vault Doors and Safe Rooms

Custom Safes, Vault Doors and Safe Room Solutions

Custom Walk In Safe - 2nd Amendment custom art
Vault Pro USA has become synonymous with custom designed and built safes, vault doors and safe rooms. But what makes a custom safe or vault door – custom? Almost all our security products have some form of customization. We add logos, gloss paint and lock options, however, true customization is listening to our client and building a product that fully matches their requirements and expectations.

Why Purchase a Custom Safe or Vault Door?

Large Custom Cafe - wood interior, lighting, safe-in-safe
Most safe companies offer a number of different sizes and styles of safe to choose from. They may even offer different interior options. But that’s not a real custom safe. And don’t expect any form of customization from one of the big box retailers with their take it or leave it, one size fits all approach. 

A true sportsman’s safe is not the inferior quality product one gets from a so-called safe company, that is merely selling you a preconfigured safe made in China. Not only do they not offer any customization, they are also generally poorly made with inferior materials that don’t hold up to either fire or break in attempts. Our superior quality security products are proudly made in the USA.

What Makes Vault Pro Different?

Safes, Vault Doors & Shelters all Made in USA
We don’t start with preconceived ideas about what kind of safe or vault you may need. We are safe, vault door and safe room security experts. We listen to your needs. Whether you are trying to secure your personal firearms collection, valuables or protect your family from severe weather events we are here to help.

Custom Safes

Large Triple Door Safe - Three safes in one!
When it comes to purchasing a safe the biggest question is size. How big a safe does one need? Unfortunately, most of us tend to get the smallest safe possible to hold our collections. As time goes by guns get crammed in possibly causing damage to the firearms and making quick access more difficult if not impossible. Rule of thumb. Whenever possible get a safe that is at least a third larger than your current collection. Not only do you have room to grow your collection you also have additional room for ammunition, accessories and space
Corner Safe when space is limited.
to store other valuables.

If space is an issue, we can create a custom solution. We offer tall safes, short safes, in-wall safes, corner safes - virtually any size and configuration one could imagine. Check out some of the innovative safes we’ve created for our customers.

Safes can be customized to fit a client’s true needs. Custom fit, custom interior, custom lighting, custom paint, custom pinstripe – and more. 

Custom Vault Doors

Antique Custom Finish for Vault Door
Vault Doors are used for many purposes. If you need a door for a storm shelter, we have solutions for virtually every need. Custom sizes and configurations are our specialty. We ask, we analyze, we customize. Do you require an in-swing or regular out-swing door for your shelter room door? What size opening do you need? Many companies offer standard configurations, which may not fit the opening properly, causing security issues. Different types of construction call for different solutions. You may need a pour in place solution for your door. We work with you or your contractor to offer true customization. 

In swing door, custom size frame, paint & art
In addition to custom sizes we also create custom configurations. Custom paint, pin-striping, door backs and locking options for easy access in an emergency. And don’t forget egress after the emergency. Should the primary means of exit get blocked we also offer emergency escape hatches for a secondary means of escape from your shelter room. Don’t be fooled by imitators who try and doctor up one of their standard doors to fit a custom room.

Modular Safe Rooms

Custom Shelter with Emergency Escape Hatch
Safe rooms are normally thought of as emergency shelters, however, they also offer an ideal solution for secure storage of large firearms collections and valuables storage, creating a true vault room.

One can build a safe room by adding a custom vault door to an existing room or new construction. When space or other constraints don’t allow for vault door installation we offer complete modular vault rooms.

Custom Walk in Vault Room
Our modular safe rooms and tornado shelters are built to FEMA 320, 361 and ICC 500 standards using a minimum of 3/16” (7 gauge) reinforced steel and can be upgraded to an even thicker 1/4” (3 gauge) reinforced steel for added protection. 

Being fully modular our safe rooms not only provide superior protection, they can be installed virtually anywhere. They are ideal for basement and above ground installation. They can also be built to almost any size and with a host of customer selected amenities, including lighting, electrical outlets, ventilation, emergency escape hatch – and more.

Solutions to your security questions.

Our customers are thoughtful and are looking for security solutions that fit their needs. If you are in the market for a new safe, vault door or safe room we would love the opportunity to discuss creating the right security solution for you. Please give us a call to talk with one of our security experts.

Stay safe,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Security & Safe Room Doors For Severe Weather

Storm Shelter door with lock box.
Vault Pro's Vault, Security & Safe Room Doors take on a different stance when used on the exterior of the home, business or storm shelter. 

Exposure to the elements (sun, rain, snow & tornado's) is a major concern when dealing with steel products.  The sun alone will destroy most coatings and the rain or snow will be right behind it to rust up moving parts that aren't well sealed or properly weather proofed.  Tornado's of course will damage just about anything in it's path and usually tear locks and handles off of normal vault doors.

The fact that these doors are exposed to the outdoors also exposes them to potential criminal activity that may result in an attempted break in.

For Vault, Security & Safe Room Doors that are intended to be exposed to the weather, Vault Pro goes the extra mile ensuring that any and all seams are sealed completely, all steel surfaces are properly prepped, primed and coated with a U.V. protected Marine Grade finish. 

Heavy duty lock box protects lock from elements.
Protecting the lock & handle, Vault Pro heavy hinges a 1/4" steel protective box completely over both the lock and handle. Vault Pro's known for tight tolerances and we demonstrated it once again with a lock cover that closes with less than 1/16" gap over the surface of the door when locked.  We don't just call it quits after that...we have put this protective cover to the test.  Notice the rain gutter covering the top three sides of the lock & handle, it isn't there just to channel the water away...it is built to exactly match the inside of the lock box to support it when it is closed and locked. If the box itself is beat repeatedly during an attack or by tornado debris the rain gutter & support does not allow the protective box to move from it's original position...even after repeated blows from a 16 lb. sledge hammer.  When a siliconized gasket is applied, water is channeled away from potentially sensitive area's of the door keeping the lock and handle dry and functioning even in the worst of storms or attempted break in.

For more information about heavy duty storm doors and security shelter doors please check out our website.

Stay safe,